What’s the difference between our mini-workshops & glassblowing classes?

In our mini-workshops we handle the advanced steps and let you do the fun part, ending up with a finished product in about 15 min. We created mini-workshops for people of all ages to try glassblowing first hand. You get to take home your project & the experience of working in a glassblowing studio.


For those that want a true glassblowing lesson we offer intensive 6 hr classes where you learn the fundamentals by practicing every step in small groups. These are instructive classes, they’re not meant to produce perfect finished pieces like our mini-workshops do (it’s harder than it looks!). Regardless, you’ll be very proud of what you make.


For more information on our mini-workshops and classes please visit our workshops section.

Can I take pictures or video during my workshop at Corradetti Glass Studio?

Of course you can! We encourage you to take pictures and video and always appreciate when we are tagged in your photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Do you host private glassblowing parties for kids/adults?

Yes, glassblowing is a fascinating activity for ages 6 and up. Choose from any of our mini-workshop projects and we’ll schedule your session Tues-Fri 10:30am-6pm for groups of 5+, weekends & evenings are possible for groups of 10+. We provide the glassblowing activity, no food/BYOB allowed for safety reasons. There are many restaurants in the area to head to afterwards.

Can I take a glassblowing class in summer?

No, sorry. We want you to have fun, not pass out. Standing in front of a 2,200 degree furnace during Baltimore’s summer heat is not tolerable to most beginners. Trust us! Our classes are worth the wait so plan on trying glassblowing during the more comfortable months.

Can you repair my broken glass?

No, we do not do any repairs. If you have something like a lamp shade that broke (no stained glass) we can possibly make you a new one if you send us pictures w/dimensions. Do not bring anything in without us confirming.

Can we pop in during your workday and watch you work?

You may watch from our upper gallery. Please respect our need to focus and do not distract or ask the glassblowers questions. Remember it’s our place of work, we’re not here for show. There’s no guarantee we’ll be blowing glass; we could be eating lunch, grinding glass in the back room or sweeping up. If you would like to enter our studio level, a 1 hr private glassblowing demo w/Q&A is available to book for $250. for up to 25 people. Of course if you’re here to purchase something we’ll break & help you.

Can I take pictures of you working?

No, we know glassblowing is beautiful but photography is very distracting to us. We wouldn’t expect to pop into your place of work & photograph you unannounced. Only during private demos & workshops do we allow photos. If you’d like to schedule a professional photo shoot please email us & we can discuss.